• Natural & safe
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Works with natural skin intelligence
  • Restore skin abnormalities
  • See visible restorative results in only 2 – 12 weeks

Visua is passionate about formulating and producing a product that is able to deliver on the expectations of both therapists and consumers

From our research that was done nationally with a large number of therapists and salon/spa owners and consumers, over a period of two years, it was clear that the market was ready for a natural product.  Visua Pro Skin is the visionary end product of a powerful blend of essential, natural and scientifically advanced ingredients combined for optimum benefit

Visua Pro Skin works in support of natural skin intelligence.  It is a scientific fact that from birth one’s skin has an intelligent life of it’s own.  It is a genetic physiological system of cells, capable of protecting, regulating and renewing itself continuously.  It is essential that this intelligent system, which declines due to environmental and lifestyle damage, be maintained naturally.

Our Vision is to be the preferred supplier of professional skincare products to the beauty salon / spa market.

Our mission is to provide an effective product that add value to the business of our clients and personal value to their clients.

We aim to empower our clients and vendors by offering a result driven product.