A revolutionary anti-aging treatment to reverse existing damage (asphyxiation, sun-damage, fine lines, and wrinkles) and prevents future ageing.  Contains advanced anti-oxidants to counteract th

The “cell oxygenating capacity” will be activated at body temperature or from O3 from a steamer.  This product reduces irritation effectively while it also forms a protective moisture barrier on

A product that builds collagen by providing essential supplementation to the skins own collagen.  Thus allowing the fibroblasts to produce collagen of a better quality, and a higher quantity. Re

​​ A vasoconstriction treatment with a vast array of uses. Treats:  rosacea, light eczema, shingles, fever blisters, nappy rash shaving rash, sunburn, insect stings, cracked heels,

A soft liquid gel that targets pigmentation on a biological level by removing the unstable hydrogen molecules and thereby decreasing the skins need for “colour protection”..  Not a b

Liquid gold!  Super concentrated soft, silky liquid-gel that will not irritate the eyes.  Intense reduction in depth and length of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness of the eye area.

An extremely effective spot treatment for all skin types with impurities.  Apply as a spot treatment directly on infected area only.  Re-apply throughout the day as required.

  Extremely effective anti-bacterial, decongesting, healing and purifying treatment with a sebum control system that inhibits the production and secretion of oil.   Advised in severe