​ A highly effective moisture building and calming treatment that soothes an irritated and sensitive skin.  This product can be used as a substitute for Night treatment for normal skin typ

Contains mineral clays and a built-in deep cleanser that absorbs excess sebum.  This mask will lift impurities to the surface for easier extractions.  Built-in moisture pro

A light gel formulation mask to actively treat excessive oiliness, congestion and breakouts without drying or stripping the skin of its natural oils or affecting the skins pH. Can be applied to speci

Plasticizing mask with a tightening effect on the skin.  Hydration increase by 20% with immediate effect.  Protect cells against oxidative distress. 

A lightweight, dust suppressed mint flavoured alginate with skin tightening, lifting and radiance boosting effects.  Natural enhancer to any anti-aging facial treatment Can be a

​​ A “cast-effect” mask that is used to enhance the depth of absorption (penetration) of any product that gets applied beneath it.  Creates a “thermal” stimu