Development Policy 

Visua Pro Skin combines the best of nature with the latest scientific technology.

Our advanced skincare system is a blend of the best-known formulation techniques

Aesthetic (cosmetic) ingredients together with holistic activities from marine, botanical and bio-technological sources are formulated to provide the most comprehensive, restorative skincare solutions available.

We continually develop, introduce additions, and improve this system based on extensive research.

Visua Pro Skin offers only the highest quality of active ingredients to produce visible results within weeks.

The formulation offers a combination of:

  • Biotechnological processes (where botanicals are enhanced through scientific processes);
  • Botanical (utilising plant extracts and essential oils)
  • Marine (utilising seaweed extracts)

Visua Pro Skin is an animal friendly and no-biological product, as we do not make use of any materials from animal origin, nor was any animal testing done.